Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm going to BarkWord Expo, woof!

BarkWorld Expo is a social media conference for pet bloggers. What? This isn't a pet blog? I'm a science fiction writer? True. So I'd better stay away.

Just joking. I'm going with my daytime job as a representative for PlexiDor Pet Doors. I also write the PlexiDor blog, which is a pet blog.

I look forward to it, and at the same time I don't, if that makes any sense... I love going to events like this. Through my job I stay in contact with a large number of bloggers, and meeting them in real life is awesome. At the last conference I met Dino Dogan from Triberr and was starstruck. =)

Princess Bonnie - a real life pillow pet =)
I'm also a home-lover. I like to sit on the back porch with my doggies and my computer. When I travel, I miss both hubby and the dogs. My princess Bonnie is a true pillow pet, LOL!

Last time I left the state Topper - my little dog - sat by the window looking for me for four days. I brought home a suitcase filled with treats and toys, but it didn't quite make up for my bad conscience.

Anyway, I'm going, and right now excitement outweighs the bad conscience. This is a short conference too, so Topper won't have to wait all that long for mommy to come home. =)

I've been to the Atlanta airport but never to the city, and that's exciting in itself!

I know at least a few of my online friends will be there. Maybe they'll even bring dogs! (Mine aren't well-behaved enough to come, except for Topper, and being on a plane would freak him out.)

If you are going to BarkWorld, come see me at the PlexiDor booth! I think we're at booth number 3, but even if I'm wrong we should be easy to find. I'm the tall one who occasionally crawls around on the floor greeting doggies.

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