Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is the time right to enter a gothic period?

Last night I unpacked my gargoyles and dragons. I never realized how many gargoyles and dragons I have, and putting them on the shelves made me feel a tug towards mystery. I'm tempted to have a gothic period; surround myself with mysterious objects, dye my hair black, use excessive amounts of eyeliner, and write a horror novel. Maybe a novel and a couple novellas...

Halloween will be here in a couple of months. There will be all sorts of deliciously spooky accessories available to help set the mood. The slumbering goth in me claims this would all work better with less heat and sunshine, but even Florida will cool down a bit in a couple of months. It could all come together just fine.

Hubby would probably be okay with the experiment. He's used to me changing from time to time, and I generally change back when inspiration releases its grip.

I sense complications at the daytime job, though. There are a few very, very Christian people here, and I'd rather avoid the discussions. Still, that battle might be worth it to get the mood right. We'll see if the mystical inspiration stays. =)


  1. were did u get the poster? I would love to get one LB

    1. Of the gargoyle and the girl? I think I found that on a wallpaper site.


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