Friday, August 30, 2013

Spotlight: Copperback by Tarah R. Hamilton


When do you learn to let go of your fears and misconceptions and trust what your heart is telling you? That real love can come in any form, even if he’s not human.

Two warring alien races are stranded on Earth due to the sudden destruction of their home planets. The Vesper, willing to help the human race to resolve most global crises, is accepted into society while the Sayner, refusing to cooperate at every turn, is enslaved.

Ten years later, Emily O’Neil yearns to find a way out of her small town life, continuing an existence of solitude since the passing of her mother years before. Her opportunity comes in an unusual way — a Sayner slave named Job who is on the brink of death and forced into her care. As their forbidden friendship develops, Emily finds that sometimes, fate has a way of making us see what we long for most — love.

About the author:

Tarah R. Hamilton grew up in Kent, Ohio. She spent her childhood summers in the small town of Big Run, Pennsylvania, in which she based her first novel. She has two children and resides in Alliance, Ohio.

She is in currently in the process of writing her second book in the "Copperback" trilogy. She is an avid photographer and artist when she is not writing. For more information please visit her site:

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