Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dogs writing books?!?

I like to feature books written by my friends, and today I have a brand new treat: Tales of a French Scent Hound by Debucher Baguette, AKA, Emma the GBGV.

I can almost hear What? and Who? echo across the Internet. 

Emma the GBGV (Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, I think) is an extraordinarily talented dog. I mean, just look at this photo. I've told my dogs to go to the kitchen and bake some cookies with the reasoning that Emma does it. They look at me like I'm an idiot. Clearly I am the one supposed to provide cookies for them! Anyway, I met her online through her blog, and then I met her human at a blogger conference. 

I'm pretty sure Emma's human does most of the typing, but I wouldn't put any money on it. Emma does a lot of things other dogs don't, and if any doggie were to be good at typing, it would be her.

Check out the blurb:

What in the world is a GBGV? Who is Debucher Baguette, aka Emma the GBGV? Find out as Emma tells all about her breed and adventures in her own words, barks, and howls. She is a talented writer, currently residing in Minnesota with her furry siblings - Kuvasz sister Kate, kitty brother Bert, and kitty sister Sophie. 

Emma shares her amusing tales about running a successful B&B for dogs, helping out with housework, being a master chef in the kitchen, her life as a photo model, and many other humorous undertakings. Emma is definitely not your average dog, and her tales are also out of the ordinary!

Tales of a French Scent Hound is Emma's first book, and if it's anything like her blog, it's worth every cent. 

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