Friday, September 6, 2013

Spotlight: Unchanged by Christy Elkins

Misti Cross is a privileged young woman who feels out of balance in her father’s corporate world. Her mother’s passing only strengthens these emotions and leads to a secret existence of self-harm. Suddenly, everything in her life changes, morphing into a terrible nightmare much worse than anything she’d experienced before.

A mutilating disease spreads rapidly across the world, changing most of mankind. Misti longs to find a solution, before it’s too late. Her battle to unearth hope in a dying world drives her into the arms of someone she never expected. She’s forced to see her own shortcomings in return.

Can Misti look beyond the limited view of her own eyes long enough to find love? Will she be able to discover a truth which offers healing, or will she simply see that change is inevitable? There will always be those who resist...

Unchanged the e-book is only 99 cents on Amazon!

About Christy Elkins:

Christy Elkins began writing books for children, but found a love for creating stories for grownups as well. She is an author with Silver Knight Publishing who works hard to bring readers more fun and creative stories. She is also a Christian wife and mother of four.

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