Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This doesn't bode well for equality

A while ago my husband got a tooth ache. He has been putting off going to the dentist, partly because it's expensive, and partly because it's not his favorite place. Can't say I blame him; I don't go unless I have to.

Once he made it there, the dentist told him he needs a root canal and a crown. A couple other teeth also need attention, and the bill would end up around $5,000. Whoa!

I decided to sign us up for dental insurance. I found a plan that would work for us, signed us up with me as the primary insurance holder and him as the co-insured, and paid for a year from my bank account.

The other day, I was surprised to see an envelope with his name on it from the insurance company. When we opened, it contained a letter addressed to him along with two insurance cards bearing his name "and spouse."

Really? I sign up for insurance, I pay, he is co-insured, and it still ends up in his name? What are women in your world? Appendixes that follow men? Good for nothing besides being spouses?

It doesn't really matter. I mean, we have the insurance, he can get his dental work done for a reasonable price, and I can go when I need to. It still annoys me.


  1. Ouch. That would annoy me, too. Complain and stick up for your rights! There are other insurance companies, after all!

    1. It is weird, isn't it?
      Thank you for coming over!


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