Saturday, November 2, 2013

Book spotlight: Chasing Love, a Mother's Journey by Elinor Rogosin

Some people's lives are more interesting than anything I could make up. Elinor Rogosin is one of those people. She has lived everywhere, met everyone, and her son disappeared in India never to be heard from again. I have met her at a couple of occasions in Sarasota, and her story fascinates me to the point where I look forward to authors' events for another chance to meet her. I haven't read her book yet, but it's on my list. 


When a goodbye unexpectedly becomes forever, there is an emptiness that can never be filled. In Chasing Love, author Elinor Rogosin tells her personal story of saying goodbye to her nineteen-year-old son Jonathan as he left New York to travel to India in the summer 1982. She has not seen him since.

In this memoir, Rogosin shares her journey of acceptance as she sifts through her family history in the hope of shedding light on her youngest son’s dramatic choice of a lifestyle. She recounts her marriage to an independent documentary filmmaker, their travels to foreign countries; the birth of their three sons, the repercussions of her husband’s abuse, their divorce, and her attempt to remain close to her boys.

Chasing Love probes her relationship with Jonathan, the youngest, and attempts to analyze their clash of ideals as he joins a religious cult and disappears into an unknown world in India. Rogosin narrates a story that’s filled with heartache where she takes a painful voyage through loss to acceptance.

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