Sunday, November 3, 2013

Four decades worth of technology...

~ 1973 ~ 

I was one and not particularly interested in technology. 

~ 1983 ~

I was fascinated with computers, learning BASIC from a book I borrowed at the library. 

Computers were big and slow. 
Phones had buttons to press instead of the spinning-wheel thing, but they were still connected to the wall.

Osborne, the portable computer of 1983. It weighed nearly 24 lbs.
The operating system was CP/M. It had 124 K of RAM,
and the monitor was a stunning 7 inches.

~ 1993 ~ 

I had acquired Microsoft certifications and worked with... you got it. Computers. 
The machines were still fairly big, but faster than they used to be.
Most of the world used Windows 3.11

I had a phone almost
exactly like this.
Purchased in the
early 1990s.

~ 2003 ~ 

I was fed up with technology and worked with logistics at SSAB Swedish Steel. 

Computers had shrunk in size, but the future I dreamed of as a little girl still seemed far away. 

The palm pilot had existed for a few years, but the idea of a hand-held computer was still cool. I had a Nokia 8210. The phone was small enough to be lost in a tight jean pocket.

I loved this phone.
Wonder what
happened to it.

~ 2013 ~

I just found myself arguing with my cell phone. It said, "Fine, forget it" in a snarky voice.
When did phones develop attitudes? 

What do you think will happen in the next ten years?

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