Thursday, November 14, 2013

I need your help

This post is not about books or writing, but I need your help. I need you to sign this petition. These two beautiful Aussies, who have worked as therapy dogs and saved their owner from an attacker, have been held by Manatee County - my county - for nearly a year. 

Photo by Karen Erskine
Buck and Bill are denied vet care, they have been dragged out of a vet's office, their owner is no longer allowed to see them, and she lives in uncertainty if her furry babies will be allowed to live or not.

This is not acceptable.

What did they do to deserve this treatment? They allegedly snuck out of the yard, chased a kid on bike, and pounced on him. He was scratched. Some rumors say one of the dogs nipped at him, others that nothing happened. Either way, he wasn't severely hurt, and any dog would have done the same thing. None of the things that happened means that Buck and Bill are vicious dogs.

To read more about Buck and Bill, please see this article in the Examiner, this article at, and this Facebook page. There is also a page to donate. The lawyers are working for free, but that in no way means that navigating the justice system is cheap.

Please, sign the petition and share this information. We need to show the powers that be that people are watching, and that they need to treat citizens and pets fairly.

I absolutely understand that two dogs chasing you when you're on a bike can be traumatic. I understand that falling or being jumped on can scare the daylights out of a person, especially if you're not used to dogs. That, however, doesn't make tormenting the dogs and their owner right.

This can happen to anyone. This could have been my dogs, or your dogs if you're a pet person.

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