Friday, November 29, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents: more from Brand New World

The SFR Brigade Presents is a blog hop where sci-fi romance authors present snippets of their work. I want to share an excerpt from my novella Brand New World.

Brand New World is the first book in my Embarkment series, and they're a bit different from all my other books. They're written in first person, and they're more playful than my "serious" books.

Check out the other participating authors as well! =)


The door to my new home slid open, and Adam said, “It’s not perfect, but it will have to do for now.”

He put me down on a couch in the middle of the room, and I experienced a brief but intense feeling of loss when he no longer held me. Odd. There might be a perfectly reasonable psychological explanation to it, but still… Odd.

I glanced around to distract myself. The room was nice, but impersonal. It reminded me of a hotel in the upper price range.

My new friend took a seat next to me, a little awkwardly as if it was difficult to find a comfortable position. “Are you hungry?”

I probably should be, but eating was the last thing on my mind. I shook my head and fingered the sofa. The fabric under my fingers was almost familiar, but not quite. Everything was like that; just a little off, enough to be disturbing. Just like him.

Adam looked human and felt human to touch. He was solid and warm, but didn’t really have a smell. 

Not until now did I realize everyone I ever knew except for him had an elusive feeling of humanity around them. Maybe it was the lack of endorphins and other things a living body would produce. Maybe all of us pick those things up all the time, without even knowing. “Are you really an android?”

“You’ve asked me that before. Yes, I am an artificial life form. Look here.” He rolled his sleeve up, showing a perfect arm. It was slightly tanned, muscular, and covered with fine hairs, just like a human’s would be. He ran his fingers over the skin and I gaped as a hatch opened. A moment earlier, it was seamlessly attached, and now a portion of his skin and underlying whatever it might be slid to the side, revealing metal and circuits. “Wow!”

He grinned. It was the first real smile I saw on his face, and it looked perfectly human. “That’s exactly what you said the first time I showed you.”


When Alexandra wakes up in an unknown environment, populated by a cat-like woman with a tail and a hologram of a rockstar, she knows she has to be hallucinating. Maybe she hit her head, or finally suffered that nervous breakdown. It doesn't get any better from finding out she died and was taken into the future by the elusive Adam, whom she can't remember, or from people telling her she's on a spaceship.

The last year or so is gone from her memory, and she has no choice but to try to adapt. As days go by, her new environment becomes more and more unnerving. She finds herself helpless, and completely dependent on a man who isn't even human.


  1. Always an interesting story you're telling! She's a lot calmer than I would be LOL. Terrific excerpt!

  2. I'm certainly looking forward to finding out more about Adam!

    1. Adam is a different hero, but I'm fond of him. ;-) Thank you for coming over! =D


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