Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An alien on my street?

I live in a neighborhood where I fit in really well. Considering me and my eccentric habits, this is nothing less than a miracle, and it has never happened before.

In the mornings, whether I go to work or can sleep in a little, my first priority is to take the doggies out. They've been waiting all night. They can't choose to go to the restroom at three in the morning if they need to - they just have to wait. Thus, they're first on my list.

I pull on a robe and take them out, usually in two groups since Bonnie and Ellie don't get along. Our house sits in the middle of a corner lot, and I walk around the house with them, because I want to make sure they get to do their stuff, and not just stare at squirrels or something.

I'm proud of my dogs. They're all rescues, and they've come a long way since they arrived. Boo didn't know what a toy was. The first time he got a chewie he just looked at it, and it took months before he dared try to hold it in his mouth. Then, when he realized that it was his and he was allowed to play and chew on it, joy!

Ellie didn't know anything when she first came. She tried to jump up on the counters and on the stove, and acted as if she had never been in a house before. She had spent a long, long time in shelters and boarding, and if she had been in a home, I don't think she remembered.

Bonnie had good manners when she came, my friend Jill who runs Ewenity Farms worked a lot with teaching her. Topper is generally a good boy, but he's had his moments, like when he chewed up the remote controls and ate my headphones... (He has grown out of that now.)

Anyway, now they're happy, well-adjusted, and spoiled rotten. They're not exactly obedience champions, but they're good family dogs.

So, back to my story. Today, I moseyed around with Bonnie and Topper. One of the neighbors was going out with his boat, and he stopped on the road to say hi over the fence. He has someone coming over to take down a tree, and wanted to tell me that if I need anything trimmed I could probably get a good price.

Bonnie and Topper were out, doing their best imitation of guard dogs. I don't think they were barking at the neighbor, I talk to him all the time and they recognize him, but that boat was a big foreign object that had to be scared away. (They also think the UPS and mail trucks are fire-breathing dragons.)

That's when I saw the alien.

Okay, he looked like a human, but he was definitely out of place.

We're in Florida. Even in winter it's not exactly cold. I was out barefoot in my nightie with an old blue robe over it, unbrushed hair, unbrushed teeth... (Early morning in my world might not coincide with early in other people's lives.) The neighbor had shorts and a short-sleeve shirt.

The stranger could have stepped out of a movie where he played a commanding officer of some futuristic army.

He wore a black turtleneck, black pants without a trace of dog hair, and black shoes. A jacket would have made it a perfect black alien uniform. His hair was perfect. I've never seen anyone look that perfect in real life. Next to him sat a large brown dog that completely ignored the commotion in my yard. I think the dog would have made back-flips if the man had waved a finger.

They were clearly waiting for the boat, me, and my dogs to go away, so they wouldn't cause any further chaos.

I said goodbye to the neighbor, called Bonnie and Topper, and hurried inside. Luckily, both dogs obeyed and came with me on the first try. I really wanted them to appear better trained than they are, and they complied and ran in through the door as if they're always do exactly what I tell them to. My good babies!

I wanted to go to the window and spy on the stranger and his dog, but that would have been a too blatant show of curiosity. Now, this guy is going into a book. I'm not sure yet if he'll be a good guy or a bad guy, but he has my imagination churning!

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