Sunday, December 29, 2013

I want my own Smaug!

I have been a bit quiet online lately, and I have a bad conscience for not keeping up with the blog. The holidays gave a reprieve from the daytime job, and I am writing, writing, and writing. Yay! It's so great to finally get some time in peace to put words down, but the days are disappearing with an alarming rate.

I'm currently typing away at a prequel to the Embarkment 2577 books, a random science fiction story that popped into my head, and a sci-fi novella for an anthology that will be released next year. The imaginary people living in my mind are talking, and I'd better type before they give up and fall silent.

Smaug - the dragon of dragons!
That said, I did pay a visit to real life yesterday. I am blessed with friends who love me even though I disappear off into my own world, and who take the time to shake me out of it. Yesterday we went to see the new Hobbit movie. The desolation of Smaug... 

I have a weak spot for dragons, and now I totally want my own Smaug! I know I'm not supposed to root for the dragon, and I know what happens to him, but I'm still cheering him on, because he's so cool.

Spolier alerts: The movie shows more of what happens to Gandalf during his time away from the group than the book reveals. I personally like it; it fills out the back story in a way I've missed before. I love his attitude. He walks into a super-creepy place knowing well it's a trap, and faces evil straight on, for the common good.

Legolas was in the movie too. He has been one of my favorite characters in the books since I learned to read as a little girl, and I am delighted to see him play a part in the Hobbit even though he isn't really in Bilbo the book. He is a hero, of course. Anything besides a hero would be unacceptable.

Legolas and Tauriel
The king of the wood elves was in the film. I never liked him in the book, but now I'm definitely a Thranduil fan. He's just as aloof as I imagined, but much more likable than he comes across in Bilbo.

There was a new character too, to put a twist on things. Tauriel is a female warrior elf played by Evangeline Lilly, more known as Kate from Lost. 

There's some interesting chemistry going on between the characters, and not just in the ways that seem self-evident. I like that they embellish the story. Once the third movie is done I'll have to have a marathon and watch all six movies in a row. That will take a while. LOL!

What else...?

Kili, brother of Fili
Thorin and Kili can really make mythological dwarves seem like an attractive species, even though some of their buddies in the movie look like Obelix. The dwarves' story has been embellished as well from the book. In Bilbo many of them come across as comic side kicks who mostly complain. Now they have personalities. 

I guess the changes might disturb die-hard textbook Tolkien fans, but I like it. I think it's necessary to give the movies substance.

Funny enough, I never really liked Bilbo in the books. I didn't like him in the book Bilbo, and I didn't like him in the trilogy. I've loved most of the other characters, but Bilbo always came across as a bit... petty. Martin Freeman does a fantastic job bringing Bilbo to life, and now I adore him. He's clever, unselfish, and brave.

Have you seen the film? What did you think?

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