Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So, how did it go in Matlacha?

I'm not a morning person. I love sleeping and my pillows are my friends. When I got up at 5 AM two days in a row, the doggies clearly thought I had lost my mind.

Before this event I had no idea where Matlacha or Pine Island might be, but Siri guided me to the right area. She said, "Make U-turn here and arrive at destination." Turned out the address I'd gotten was a tire factory. That couldn't possibly be right. The book fair was supposed to be on an island...

What did people do before cell phones and Google?

I googled and found my way, and pulled in at the fair curious about what I would find. By now I thought I was late, but I was early - the volunteers hadn't gotten to putting up the tents in my area now. Yay! Nap-time in the car!

The book fair had less visitors than I hoped, but I am still happy with the weekend. I met some great authors I didn't know, sold some books, saw a part of the state I hadn't previously visited, and gave out a lot of postcards. Success!

It was chilly in the mornings, but nice once the sun came out.
In the future I think I'll prefer indoors events in November.
Alternately, I need to learn to bring more clothes. LOL!

I was supposed to share the booth with two other writers, but Saturday I had
more room than I could fill. I did get a tent-roomie on Sunday:
Patricia Helms with her lovely book with recipes and ideas for the home.
I don't think it's available on Amazon yet, so I can't link to it. =(

I made some wonderful new friends. This is Elizabeth Olancin who presented
her children's book One Inch at a Time and Through my Angel's Eyes.
To the right is Sarah Elle Emm who brought YA fantasy novels
Prismatic and Opalescent. Click on the links and check them out! =D

Me, looking cold. LOL! I had a Happy Bunny fleece hoodie,
but that didn't seem appropriate attire for photos, haha.

This is Trouper. He made my weekend! The poor guy
was hit in the head by a mean man when he was a puppy.
Are baby raccoons puppies? Cubs? Anyway, someone
hit him in the head with a golf club and now he is blind and has no
sense of smell. How can someone do that to another living being?
Luckily Trouper was rescued, and now he gets to go with his human
to advocate respect for animals. He was definitely popular.

I got to hold raccoon paw! Please check out Trouper's website!

Above is the TV commercial for the event. =)

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