Friday, December 6, 2013

The Doctor

When I first met my husband and he told me that he like Doctor Who I winced and imagined endless hours of watching what's-his-name with that long knit scarf. They showed endless reruns of that incarnation of the Doctor on TV when I was a teenager, and it was too weird for me. 

I might like scarf-doctor better now when I'm grown up, but I haven't given him a chance, lol. I haven't watched much TV from the UK, but I liked that other British sci-fi show, what was it called... Oh yes, Red Dwarf. I don't remember diddly of the story, but I remember watching it.

I remember the second guy from the left. I think I need
to watch this show again and see if I still like it. =)

David Tennant as Doctor Who
Anyway, hubby introduced me to Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor and I liked the show. Miracle! All of a sudden it made sense why my Internet-sister claimed Daleks were cool. Then, Eccleston merged into David Tennant, and I loved the show.

You know that Internet meme of how you're extra likely to find a spider in your home if you're afraid of spiders? I think I'm scared of David Tennant. Nope, didn't help. There's still no blue police box here.

Anyway, the Doctor turned into Matt Smith and I was skeptical. He seemed so young.

Now I love Matt Smith as the Doctor. Sadly, there will be a new actor soon. I might like Peter Capaldi too once I get used to it, but I don't like change. There's so much going on in life anyway and I don't want the faces of my imaginary friends on TV to change!

David Morrissey (The
Governor from Walking
Dead) in Doctor Who.
If they have to change doctor, I want The Governor from Walking Dead.

I know, he was a bad guy, but I loved the character. I'm still sulking over his demise. I loved to see what he would come up with, and in this season I rooted much more for him than for the people in the prison.

I have imagined David Morrissey as a space villain, and in my mind he's a great space villain, but he's good at playing good guys too. He has already been in Doctor Who, and did a wonderful job.

I want David Morrissey as The Doctor. Who's with me?

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