Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm a gerat admistrator.

I am about to change my daytime job. I'm super-excited, and will probably babble about it at great length once I'm settled in at the new place. Until then, I'm making my best attempt at finding a replacement for me for Pet Doors USA.  No one is irreplaceable, but I would feel better if I knew I left them in good hands.

We've had an ad on Craigslist and gotten an ample supply of replies. Interesting enough, only about ten percent of applicants seems to actually have read the ad. We have received an astounding amount of applications saying, "I look forward to a full-time career in the healthcare industry."

PlexiDor pet door
The company makes pet doors. That's why it's called Pet Doors USA. They're very good pet doors, the best if you ask me, but it's certainly not a healthcare job.

It also surprised me how many applied for a job that requires writing without proofreading their resume.

The little red squiggly line in Word implies that something is spelled wrong. Before sending in a work application to any form of administrative job, it would be wise to check the red squiggly lines and make sure the application is spelled right. It is counterproductive to write "I'm a gerat admistrator."

I assumed people would know what kind of job they're applying for, and that they would be able to click the spell-check button in whatever word processor they use. I also assumed it would be easy to find someone able to follow the simple instructions in the ad.

That is, I ask for cover letter and resume, because these are two different types of writing, and the person needs to master both. Besides that, parts of the job requires an ability to follow instructions to the letter. Failure to do so can mess up the customer database.

Of the people who read the ad and understood that pet doors aren't healthcare, only three applicants managed to supply cover letter and resume without miss-spellings.

Manatee county has over 333,000 legal year-round inhabitants, and Sarasota around 387,000. That makes well over 700,000 people. (The real numbers are probably larger.) You'd think this would be easy...

At least we got three, and interviews are underway. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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