Sunday, February 23, 2014

I need advice

I currently have three novellas published in the series Embarkment 2577; Brand New World, High Gravity, and Adam and Eve. The books are centered around Alex - a woman who wakes up in a strange environment with amnesia and finds herself on a spaceship in the future.

These books are the only things I've written in first person. They're short and a bit silly. Some people love them, others hate them, and funny enough the individual novellas get much better ratings and reviews than the compilation - even though it's the same thing.

Anyway, I've been working on a few more books in the series. Two of them tell the stories of side characters and don't involve Alex. These will be told in third person.

Two of the new stories are about Alex, and I've come a little more than half through each before realizing I'm writing in third person.

Would you as a reader perceive this as a problem? Would a shift in point of view between books centered on the same characters disturb you, or is it okay because they're separate books?

Emma Stone would make a great Alex

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