Sunday, March 2, 2014

Great reviews for The Goddess's Saga!

The Goddess's Saga has been on tour, and with that came some great reviews! I enjoy reading what other people think of my books whether they like them or not, but it's naturally better if they're enthusiastic. Here are some review highlights from "Trips Down Imagination Road" who says about the series, "I've found yet another series that has drawn me well and truly in, well worth checking out, particularly if you like romance mixed into your science fiction."

Touch of the Goddess

"Loved this book, there was a good mix of science fiction, romance and fantasy that left me on the edge of my seat whilst reading. The book is probably suitable for an older YA audience, there is no sex scenes that are described, but sex is mentioned, along with alcoholism and a short look at trafficking."

Read the entire review here

Wrath of the Goddess

"There was a lot of edge of your seat action going on in Wrath of the Goddess, and several points where I was seriously concerned as to the well fair of the characters"

Read the entire review here

Return of the Goddess

"I have one major question at the end of Return of the Goddess, and that is simply, is there going to be more! I really hope so, the story and the characters have really drawn me in, there were definitely some edge of the seat moments and there are some things that I want to know the answer to!"

Read the entire review here

And to answer that question... Yes, there will be more. I'm planning at least one more book in The Goddess's Saga. Time permitting it will be ready later this year. There are a lot of unanswered questions, and I have to get to tell everyone what happens next! =D

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