Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My doggies got a perk!

At first I was about to say that I got a perk, but it's really the doggies. Thanks to Hills Science Diet and Klout a big package arrived for them. They got food, a toy, and a light, and it was all packed in the most adorable way with greeting cards and USA-themed wrapping.

Other people show the cutest photos of their dogs posing. My gang seems to think a camera/cellphone is an invitation to run around and move as much as possible. Ellie is the most curious and she checked out the box, but wouldn't stand still long enough for a clear photo.

If you've never visited Emma the GBGV's blog, check it out and you'll know what I mean. There are numerous photos of well behaved dogs baking, reading, using computers, and other things mine wouldn't do if I offered them a whole box with cookies.

Once Ellie showed interest in the box, BooBear wanted to look too. He's a very hungry little fluff-ball, and a box someone else looks at might contain stuff to eat. He has no idea how right he is, LOL.

I think he's saying, "I smell food."

We'll try the food tomorrow. We got grain free so everyone can eat it, and I'm sure they'll like it.

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