Saturday, March 1, 2014

My new favorite; Helix

When I lived "back home" I didn't have TV for a long time. Or, rather, I had the object TV but it wasn't plugged in to an antenna. Here it's on most of the time, and I ignore it. Nothing like noise-cancelling headphones to tune out annoying cartoons and sitcoms.

Why? Well, I didn't use to believe in the old saying that average IQ sinks with every TV-set in a household, but a lot of American TV is horrible. In my opinion.

I like The Big Bang Theory and Once Upon a Time, and I loved Leverage.

Now I have a new favorite. One of those rare shows I actually watch and don't just use as an excuse to sit down with my laptop and tap away at a story with the imaginary people in my mind.

What it is? Helix on Syfy channel.

The show takes place on a remote arctic research station where a team from the CDC arrives to investigate a strange viral outbreak. Naturally nothing is what it seems and the plot keeps twisting and turning in new exciting ways I can't foresee.

The characters are well rounded and full of surprises.

I love that.

There are too many TV shows where I know exactly what will happen, because it is what I would have done if I wrote it. In Helix, not so much. Every episode holds moments I could never anticipate. That keeps me fascinated and I count down the days between episodes. The show has secrets, danger, unexpected cruelty and goodness, great actors, and a dash of science.

I like it so much that I even remember the names of several characters. Normally I can't even remember names of real life people.

If you're not yet watching, tune in to Syfy channel on Friday nights and check it out. But first, check out the old episodes so you're caught up. =D

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