Monday, March 3, 2014

Where do you put your bookcases?

Our living room has a long, empty wall. The first time I sat foot in the house I thought, "Oooh, that's where the bookcases will go." To me, the living room is the logical first choice for books, and that wall is begging for them. 

Hubby does not agree. He thinks the living room is the last place they should be. If anything, there can be a display cabinet that displays nice objects.

Unfortunately, we also have completely different views of what those nice objects might be. The wall is still empty.

This appeals to me. Nice and bright with plenty
of room for books.

I'm leaning towards "cultural difference" - we're both equally puzzled at how the other could even consider putting this or that in the living room.

These differences show on a lot of stuff. I prefer to have dinner at a set dinner table, on nice "real" plates. I require a metal knife and fork, and I want a glass that's actually made of glass. To me, paper and plastic is something you use when you're on a picnic. Hubs only wants to eat on paper or possibly plastic, and through the years I think I've persuaded him to actually sit by the dinner table twice. He likes to eat in front of the TV, and I'm getting used to it.

When I went to the store this weekend I found some glasses that looked really pretty. I lifted one of them and was disappointed because it was plastic and not glass. I muttered to myself, "Plastic, that's kinda tacky." I decided to buy them anyway, because they were cool, and might be good for the porch. The lady at the register said, "Oooh, and it's plastic, not glass, that's awesome."

There's a learning moment in this. What's cool or not cool depends on one's point of view.

Having a curious mind, I asked people on Facebook where they put their bookcases. Not even one of my American friends answered living room.

Where do you put yours?

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