Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Great review for Embarkment 2577!

Readersfavorite.com has kindly reviewed Embarkment 2577. I must admit that I winced when I got the review notice - I like these books, but they are a bit on the silly side and some people hate them. To be fair, many love them as well, but I didn't know what to expect when I followed the link to check out the review.

They gave the book four stars, and I feel that the reviewer "gets" me. Yay!

The reviewer says, "Maria Hammarblad does a wonderful job of adding in enough information and facts to make you really feel like you are learning about living in space along with Alex, but not enough to bore you." She goes on with stating, "Maria Hammarblad gives us a real-life feel in this science fiction novel. The aliens sound plausible and interesting. If anything, Embarkment 2577 makes me want to delve more into science to see if we can't make some of this come true."

Thank you!

Read the full review here, and see the book on Amazon.

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