Saturday, April 19, 2014

Have you tried Kickstarter?

I sometimes skulk around on Kickstarter, because I like the concept of crowd funding. There's a fair amount of book publishing projects there, everything from people asking for money to finish writing a book to editing and actual publishing. Some are successful, others not so much.

Have you tried funding a project through Kickstarter? Did it work out?

I've been thinking about trying a project. I have many unfinished books slumbering in my computer, and if I could just fund some writing time I could make something.

A main point seems to be to have many tiers of rewards, so people get something cool in exchange for their money. When looking at others' projects I've seen many good ideas. Some make a thank-you list at the end or beginning of the book. Some name characters after funders giving more than a certain amount. The funders get the finished product, of course, along with other fun stuff depending on size of their contribution.

If anyone has thoughts on this, I'd love to hear. Would you fund a Kickstarter project? Why, or why not?

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