Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Planning for the RT convention

I have heard people talk about the RT convention for years, and deeming from photos on Facebook, the visitors sure have fun. Last year I decided that 2014 was "it" - the year when I would finally put heart and soul into being a writer, and when I would get my butt out of the chair to attend writing events.

The heart and soul thing was side-tracked after a few weeks into the new year. Starting a new job was counter-productive, to say the least, and I have been attempting to re-find balance in life ever since. But, that's another story to be told a day soon.

Thus far I have accomplished some of my butt-out-of-chair goal - I've been to many events and made many new friends. At least one thing to check off as accomplished.

So, RT... 

I signed up last fall, and at the time the convention seemed so far away. My brain isn't wired to prepare for something that happens months in the future. At least I found a wonderful roomie, who booked a room for us. I paid my fees, and joined a couple of author groups.

Now it's closing in - it's just three weeks away - and I'm getting excited. I have my swag, I have my books. Don't have clothes, but people will just have to take me the way I am. 

I haven't quite figured out how to get to New Orleans yet. I'm thinking of driving. It's far - it's almost eleven hours away - but there are advantages to taking a car. Like, I don't have to wait in the Atlanta airport. (I dislike the Atlanta airport.) I don't have to worry about how much luggage I can bring there, or back. It's many hundreds of dollars cheaper to drive there than to fly.

Downside. It takes almost eleven hours. Even with the Atlanta layover, flying only takes five. And, if I take my car it won't be at home for my husband to use. His don't work very well.

I've never been to New Orleans, but I'm sure Siri could find the hotel. Siri can find almost anything.

Regardless of how I'll get there, I'm excited. Are you going? Have you been? Did you like it?

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