Saturday, April 26, 2014

The future is now

When I was a little girl I used to think about the year 2000. In the 1970s and 80s it seemed so far in the future. I would wonder what the world would be like in the year 2000, and what I would be like. 

I counted the years and thought I'd be ancient by the time the new millennia finally arrived. In my imagination it would have androids and spaceships, and I worried I'd be too old to appreciate all that.

Now it's 2014. In the 1980s, science fiction took place in 2014.

The world didn't end. Androids aren't here, at least not like I imagined, and what spaceships we have are nothing like Jason of Star Command. It's okay to laugh, but Jason of Star Command was a big deal when I was six. ;-)

What brings me down this line of thought? Well, I got my new green card yesterday. It's valid until 2024. That's only ten years away, but it sounds so far into the future I can't fathom it.

The world has changed a lot during the past ten years, but at least I don't pay attention until I sit down and think back. If you had told me ten years ago I'd have a cell phone that would understand voice commands, be able to give me directions, and be able to talk wirelessly to my car I would have said, "Suuure I will." Now it's an every-day part of life I don't give a second thought.

2024... How much do you think it will have changed by then? Will we have implants instead of cell phones? Flying cars? Will we have suffered a Zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion? Okay, the last two aren't likely, but a lot of interesting things might happen.

What are the innovations you would be most interested in seeing?

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