Saturday, May 10, 2014

I've launched my first Kickstarter project!

After debating the matter with myself at great length (lol) I have now started my first Kickstarter project. I seek funding for writing time and editing to finish my new Embarkment novella: Arrival. Time and money permitting, the project will also fund one more Embarkment novella: Deadly Betrayal.

Kickstarter is an interesting way to seek funding. I ask for money in return for perks. Those who pledge larger sums would be eligible for larger perks.

However, if the project isn't fully funded, the pledgers won't pay anything, I won't get any money at all, and no one gets any perks. It's truly an all or nothing deal.

I have made drafts of the covers, and I have written a decent amount on both books. I just don't have time to finish anything.

Perks start at $1 and include thank you listings on my website, thank you in the book, e-versions or paperbacks of the final product, paperbacks of the entire series, having a character named after you, and similar.

If you want to join in the fun, visit this link!

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