Thursday, June 5, 2014

Exercising my freedom of speech: Makers of pet treats create $6.5 million fund to compensate dog owners

I have been informed that reporting on news regarding certain big companies is bad form, even when they kill tens of thousands of pets. Luckily we have freedom of speech, so I'll just do it on my own blog instead of on the pet-related one. I'm pretty angry right now, so imagine a raving mad smiley here, LOL

The news are as follows:

There has been warnings about pet jerky treats from China since 2007, and with 10,000 pet deaths, almost 5,000 complaints of animals severely sick, and even three humans affected, it is hard to disregard the problem.

Pet treat makers Nestle Purina Pet-Care Co and Waggin' Train LLC both claim there's nothing wrong with the treats, but in settling a recent class action lawsuit in the matter, the two companies have agreed to create a $6.5 million fund to compensate dog owners who believe their animals were harmed.

Money can never erase the pain of losing a furry friend, especially not after wanting to make them happy through a tasty treat, but the settlement is a step in the right direction. If approved, it will also require enhanced quality measures when it comes to treats made in China, and modifications of the text on treat packages.

PetCo and PetSmart have already announced that they will no longer sell pet treats made in China. These companies do a great thing taking the dangerous treats off the shelves. Despite extensive testing, no direct cause have been found for the deaths and illnesses, but the treats are the only common denominator.

My curious question: after reading the above, do you find reporting on it offensive? I think that killing ten thousand pets is pretty damned offensive, excuse the language. Even the FDA has issued warnings about these treats.

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