Monday, July 28, 2014

Undercover is a winner!

There is a wonderful screenwriting contest called the WILDsound festival. It is the coolest thing ever, because winners get their script read by professional actors.

I tried with Kidnapped, but the judges thought the script moves too slow. Go figure - I've gotten so much criticism saying it moves too fast. They sent a list with constructive points to look at in the screenplay, and I put all that to the side for another day. I need to tweak it so I can submit it again - I really want to hear it read - but I'm too scattered to take on something big right now.

Anyway, I submitted the first ten pages of my screenplay for Undercover to their "first scene" contest and forced myself to forget about it, so I wouldn't be too disappointed when I didn't win.

Undercover did really well! The judges said, "An extremely strong opening to a first scene. It has everything: Mystery, Drama, Romance, Friendship, Intrigue, Foreign Relations... And asks key questions that are relevant to today's world without being too preachy about it."


The first scene has been read, and Undercover has its own page here. And, I have an interview page here.

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