Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My life runs on battery

You would think that in the year 2015 we would have invented a better power source than traditional batteries. Don't get me wrong - they've improved - but they're nowhere near what a science fiction writer can imagine. The only difference is that I have more stuff powered by batteries now than say ten years ago.

Seriously. My computer keyboard runs on battery, as does my computer mouse. Cell phone, company phone, iPad, Kindle, calculator... Even one of my basses has a battery. Many of them are rechargeable, of course, but that doesn't help much since I'm really bad at plugging stuff in.

At least a couple of these problems have been solved lately. I got a Cellularize portable cell phone charger here. I have something similar, but the Cellularize runs circles around the other charger.

It is heavy enough to feel right, but not so heavy that it causes a problem when tucked into a purse. It charges quickly, and keeps my phones or even the iPad running for quite some time, and it has a flashlight.

The flashlight is a big deal to me. I don't like stumbling around the yard in the dark with the dogs - they can see just fine, but I can't.

Hubs is a specialist at losing flashlights - they're in the house somewhere, but the only way to find one is through looking for something else and stumbling over one. Trust me, they end up in weird places. This flashlight is mine, because it's attached to my charger, and I know where it is.

And you know what? It's small yet to hold yet bright enough to give a good light, so it's perfect for under-the-cover reading. (Yep, I'm goofy. I still do that, like a little kid on TV if the book is good enough and I don't want to disturb the sleeping family.)

This charger comes with a good manual too, that even shows specs for the battery. None of my other chargers have had the courage to do that.

Do you have a lot of battery-powered gadgets too? Have you found a solution to running out of battery?

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