Friday, February 6, 2015

I live close to a guitar factory. Didn't know that...

I'm a guitar nerd. I don't really play guitar - only bass - but I love guitars as instruments. And basses, of course, that goes without saying. I love having them,  playing them, holding them, looking at them... I've been known to go into extensive explanations of guitar pickups or different methods of attaching the neck to the body until people's eyes glaze over. 

I can do my guitar babbling much better in Swedish than in English, but I'm learning the vocabulary here too. Back home I used to run a website with the ex called gitarrwebben. It served information about guitars and basses, manufacturers, how to play, interviews, and similar. It was immensely popular, especially considering that this was a long time ago.

When working on the website I contacted many instrument manufacturers and got photos from their facilities and other interesting information. Ever since I've wanted to visit a guitar manufacturer, but I never had the opportunity. I sort of thought they were all somewhere else. Like Memphis, or California.

The other day I wanted to contact Dean Guitars and looked for their e-mail address on their website. I had to read their physical address three times to believe my eyes - they're located in Tampa, just an hour away from me. And, they give factory tours!

I've booked myself on a tour Thursday next week. To make things even better, they allow cameras! I'm super excited! =D

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