Saturday, March 7, 2015

Peaceful morning snooze

Weekend mornings are the best. I usually get up at the same time as on weekdays, or even earlier, take the dogs out, and go back to bed for morning doggie cuddle. Bonnie curls up at my feet, Topper next to me, and I'll sit working or even reading on the iPad with a pile of pillows behind my back and a cup of coffee within reach.

I suspect I like being close more than the dogs do - they probably get warm - but they humor me. By the time I remember my coffee it has usually gotten cold, and this isn't a common problem, lol.

While I sit here, a part of me still knows I need to work, hang the laundry, buy detergent, go to the bank, and all the other everyday chores that seem impossible to escape, but during weekend snuggle time, I don't care.


Do you have a special weekend routine?

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