Saturday, May 30, 2015

Would you survive an alien invasion?

What would you do if you opened your
eyes and saw these friendly faces? 
I have always waited for the aliens to arrive. It's weird, but my first coherent memories are from sitting in the back seat of the car, waiting for a spaceship to land on the road ahead. I think that if it had happened, young me would have found it the most natural thing in the world. Maybe my parents watched too much science fiction on TV when I was a little girl.

Anyway, all my childhood fantasies about aliens always involved them being friendly. I thought they would come to bring me home to my real family that lived in an unspecified location amongst the stars.

Oh yes, my mom loved that. *cough*

As an adult I'm still waiting and I would love to meet someone from another world, but adult me is also worried that if they came, they probably wouldn't be friendly. And, they would probably be so different it would be difficult to find common ground or a way to communicate. Seriously, we can't even get along amongst ourselves.

What do you think you would do if aliens really arrived? What do you think they would be like? If there was a conflict, would you take up arms and defend the planet, or stay neutral?

I think encountering someone from another world would be good for humanity. Maybe then we could see that the differences we squabble about in everyday life aren't all that big. It doesn't matter what color we have, what religion we adhere to, what gender we have, or what gender we like. We're all people, and that in itself makes us all more similar than anything we can share with any other species on or off this planet.

Many don't agree with me on that. I've heard many state that meeting a being from another world might shatter humanity, and that we wouldn't be able to cope with it. What do you think?

Interesting questions.

Anyway, my heroine in Operation Earth faces the problem of whether to fight or cooperate. Her neighbors want her to take up arms and defend the planet. She even follows them to a resistance meeting. Problem is, she met one of the invaders and he didn't seem all that different. She might have thought otherwise if she had seen their ship... This is an excerpt from the beginning of the book:

June stood in the middle of Information Central with her arms crossed, drumming her fingers. Showing impatience might be unbecoming of a commanding officer, but this operation moved like a snail.

How humiliating to be so delayed before we even begin.

Glancing around the oval hall soothed her. The walls were so red they appeared organic, and biopods lined the room. There were alcoves with chairs made from the same fleshy material as the walls, part of the living soul of the ship. Each alcove held a woman, connected to the whole through a tentacle slithering down from the ceiling, embracing their shaved heads.

Many junior officers fled the first time they entered and saw nothing of the crew except parts of their faces.

The first time June stepped in, she knew she was home.

If she closed her eyes she could almost hear the ship's heartbeat. One alcove opened up, and the woman inhabiting it struggled to her feet. At first, her eyes couldn't focus, but then she fixed them on June.

I wonder what it's like to be connected, to be a part of the ship and really know the world.

Only those with special talents could connect. June wanted nothing more as a child, but she wasn't suitable for the hive mind. Her talents lay elsewhere.

"Commander, I think we have what we need. These people have a useful source of information. It's called Wikipedia."

"Common names? Languages?"

"Yes, Ma'am. They have a number of languages and cultures. It's all transferring to the brain-tips now."

"No sign of discovery?"

"No, Ma'am."

The large ship lurked at the very edge of the solar system, outside the magnetic fields that presented a last layer between planets and interstellar space. Risks of discovery were infinitesimal, but they had to plan even for the impossible.

"Good. Assemble the troops for upgrade, and ask the pilot to take us in. Prepare global EMP."

The woman nodded and sank back into her alcove. All mouths around the room spoke as one, "Entering solar system. All personnel prepare for memory upgrade."

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