Friday, June 12, 2015

Chains of association and the most complicated form ever, lol

A while ago I went to McDonalds to pick up milkshake for hubs. Along the way I saw something that triggered my imagination, and my mind ran away with me to the point where I missed our street on the way home and had to turn back. That has never happened before.

While diving into the storyline, I realized how little I know about many jobs in the USA. That wouldn't normally be a problem, no one needs to know everything, but by now I was curious and wanted to do research. After a few hours spent enjoying Google's wisdom, I had also found two interesting jobs I wanted to apply for.

I've had many different types of employers in the past, and I know all administration is much more complicated in the USA than in Sweden, but I still wasn't prepared for the complexity of formal job applications.  The first one wasn't too bad - it took place online and while it was extensive, it was doable.

The second one was seventeen pages needed appendices. Several pages had to be witnessed and I kept bugging hubs to do it for me. It also required three pages to be notarized.

Hubs said, "Are you sure applying is worth this much effort?"

I can see his point. The initial application process took hours to complete and then I still had to make a trip to Amscot to get documents notarized, and I still might not be considered for the job. On the other hand, if you don't try you'll never get anywhere. He and the dogs like me being home. I like being home too, but I would like being able to pay my bills without having to chase other people to pay me even more.

By now my stubborn had kicked in. I trudged on and eventually got the pile mailed.

Today, they called me to say I have missed to fill something out on page nine. Or rather, I had given the information, but in an appendix and not on the form, and it had to be on the form. Furthermore, the notarized pages need to be redone, because either the notary or I have written the wrong date.

I don't think I wrote the wrong date, and the friendly HR person said she'd gotten more applications with the same problem, so it might not be my booboo. Either way, it has to be corrected. What are the odds?

Right now I feel like the universe is testing just how hard I'm willing to work to apply. Well, I might not get the job. I'd be good at it but there are probably applicants who are even more qualified. Doesn't matter. I will at least get the application right.

And, I'm hoping that the application being so complicated means a lot of the competition give up. Or don't pass initial screening. We'll see what happens. =)

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