Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Crashing spaceships, androids, and explosions, oh my!

This spring I read my Embarkment 2577 novellas and made some tweaks. It's funny how much they have changed through the years - I seem to revise them every second years or so. When working on them, I remembered how much I like the hero, Adam, and before I knew it, I was typing away.

That's not entirely true. I like to write my first drafts longhand. I write on the iPad with a stylus, because that makes me feel a little modern, but it's still scribbles in my handwriting few other people could decipher. Once I have the bits and pieces, the text gets an automatic first edit when I type it in.

Anyway, the result became a novella about how Alex and Adam first met. It's a little silly, because all the Embarkment novellas are, but I kind of like it. I'm biased, of course. lol!

It's called Arrival, and it is available right now for 99 cents.

I'm also working on a sequel to the Embarkment books, and that one is growing into a proper novel. It'll be another couple of months before it's done, but it's getting there. I think it will be called Deadly Betrayal. For now, I'll let the name speak for itself.


Taking a day to decompress and watch the ocean seems like the best idea Alexandra ever had. That is, until a bright dot in the sky turns out to be a crashing spaceship. Before she understands what’s happening a man in uniform approaches over the dunes, urging her to run. After surviving an explosion, seeing her new friend lift a car, and being interrogated by the FBI, it’s clear her vacation will not lead to a reduction in stress.

Adam is lost in time and space, separated from the world he knows by more than five hundred years. Luckily he meets Alexandra and she is willing to help him, but staying puts her in danger. He still finds himself unwilling to leave. Being an android, emotions never posed a problem for him before, but this woman and everything associated with her overwhelms his programming and clouds his judgment. Knowing he should go isn’t the same as doing it.

Prequel to the Embarkment 2577 novellas.

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