Thursday, June 4, 2015

Let's keep Thor in Thursday!

I drove around town this morning doing errands, and kept ending up behind cars with stickers saying, "Keep Christ in Christmas." I'm not going to discuss that, because it's June and we can get back to talking about the winter holidays in December, but it did send me on a chain of association.

The slumbering Viking in my heart claims that if we're taking things literally, we should keep the Norse Gods in the days of the week.

I bet those who want to keep Christ in Christmas don't think about what it really means when they say things like "Happy Friday."

Check this out:

Sunday is the sun's day

Monday is the moon's day

Tuesday is Tyr's day. His English/Germanic name is Tiu or Twia.

Wednesday is Oden's day. This spelling comes from the Anglo-Saxon spelling Woden.

Thursday is Thor's day.

Friday is Freya's Day. She is the goddess of love and beauty. Many confuse her with Frigga, but they are different Goddesses.

Saturday is Saturn's day. This is actually a Roman deity. I'm unsure how he originally got into the mix of weekday names, but he is the Roman God of agriculture.

Fascinating, isn't it?

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