Monday, July 27, 2015

Rainy season

Before moving to Florida I didn't know the state has a "rainy season." Most summers since I've been here we've had sunshine early in the days and rain in the afternoon, but this year it just kind of keeps raining. I don't really mind, because July here is hot and super-humid. 

My dogs don't like it. It goes something like this:

Me, "Guys, it stopped raining. Let's hurry go outside before it starts again."

Ellie and Boo Bear ran outside all enthusiastic, did their business super quick, and returned to the front door wanting to come in. Two down, two to go.

Topper walked up to the door, sniffed it, and returned to his spot in the sofa.

"Oh come on, it's not even raining. Just go outside. You need to go outside."

While I was trying to persuade him, Ellie and Boo snuck back inside, making Topper even less inclined to go out. Clearly, they wouldn't come in so quick if outside was nice.

I finally tricked all three of them through going back to the kitchen and running through the house, chanting, "Outside, outside, outside, let's go outside!"

This time, Topper followed Ellie into the yard, pulled out the breaks when he realized the grass was still wet, and bounced up on the porch.

He looked like, "My feet are getting wet. This is the worst day ever!"

Me, "Fine, be that way. Go back inside, but don't blame me if it's pouring down when you realize you have to go."

One more try with dog number four.

Princess Bonnie followed me outside and slunk along the wall, clearly expecting to be soaked if she as much as took one step away from the house. She stopped under an awning, just in case it would be raining. I rolled my eyes and sat on the porch. Five minutes later, she still stood under the awning.

"Bonnie, do you want to go back in?"

She jogged towards the door, pressed as close to the house as she could come.

It's not even raining, LOL!

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