Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Writing the blurb

Writing a book is fun. You build a relationship with the characters and go on an emotional rollercoaster ride with them as they encounter problems, disappointments, fall in love, and enjoy the good things in life. 

When I get into the world of my characters I have a hard time staying in the real world with its real world obligations. I think of my characters the last thing before going to sleep, and wake up with them in the morning.

So far so good.

However, every book needs more than the story itself. Like...

...imagine drumroll here...

...a blurb.

A book blurb is a short description of the book that will hopefully entice people to pick it up and read more. It is the book description you encounter on websites or the back cover. Definitely not my favorite thing to do.

Every time, the process goes something like this:

I start by the computer, type a few sentences, delete them, retype them, and delete them a few times.  Since this doesn't get me anywhere, I brainstorm keywords. When I have around ten good words I want to use Facebook calls for me, and there was this thing I intended to research, and something I wanted to look up on Youtube.

An undefined amount of time later, I try to manipulate myself with one of my favorite movies, a good cup of coffee, a cookie, a pad with thick and nice paper, and colored pens.

Nothing, except ten scribbled pages with the start of a new book. Nothing blurb-like in sight.

Maybe if I read a little of the book.

Reading what I've written always leads to making changes in what I've written, and once I get going it's hard to stop. A couple of hours later real life calls, and the next day, the process starts over again.

If you're a writer, what's your relationship with the blurb?

If you're a reader, do you have a favorite blurb?

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