Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bow Ties are Cool #GivingChallenge15 #ShowThemTheLove

I never gave bow ties a second thought until the Doctor said, "Bow Ties are Cool" Doctor Who, that is, in the shape of Matt Smith. And when he said it, bow ties became cool.

I had no idea there was a special day dedicated to bow ties, but August 28th is national bowtie day.

In my neck of the woods, this is particularly important for the cat rescue Cat Depot, because their spokes cat is named Bow-Tie. He's really cute, and he wears...

Bow Ties.

This little guy had a rough start in life. He comes from a hoarding case and was so ill when he was rescued that he couldn't even walk. If you want to learn more about Bow-Tie, there's a video of him here.

Anyway. I should get to the point.

Bow-Tie (the cat) challenges everyone to post a photo of themselves wearing a bow tie in support of special needs animals, animals in need, and of course the cat rescue.

Frequent readers of my blog knows I'm an animal-loving person. I usually talk about dogs, but I like cats too. So, here's a photo of me in a bow tie.

I totally have the look down, right? Yep, free spirit, I'll wear it any way I want. ;D

If you want to participate, post a photo of yourself - or your pet - in a bowtie on Cat Depot's Facebook page or on Twitter to @catdepot - bonus points if you mark your post with the hashtags #ShowThemTheLove and #GivingChallenge15

What did you say?

What the giving challenge is?

Oh, yes, I should probably explain that.

In a few days another charity-type event takes place in my area, and it's called the 2015 Giving Challenge. It is from noon to noon EST, September 1st to September 2nd. During this period of time, donors who didn't participate last year will get their contributions doubled. There are other fun things for contributing organizations to win too, like the first one who get fifty contributors of at least fifty dollars will get a bonus.

As you can imagine, this is a huge thing for the charities. Cat Depot rescues over a thousand cats in a year, they have an in-house veterinary clinic, a food bank program that helps people in need keep their cats, and much more. If you want to contribute for a good cause, look them up on September 1st. Or, post a photo. =) I'm doing both.

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