Friday, October 6, 2017

"Someone's always listening" - I don't know about that, lol

If you're on Facebook, you may have seen posts circulate with people saying their door is always open, there's food in the fridge, their kitchen table is a safe spot, they're just a phone call away, someone's always listening...

It sounds like a great idea. Humanitarian. Help each other out. I almost shared it.

Luckily, I sat down and thought about it before I shared it.

My door is always locked, because Topper (dog) has figured out how to open it. I avoid letting people in the house, because I don't want Boo Bear (dog) to bite someone. He likes nine people. I can name them, lol! There are piles of pet hair everywhere, because I'm more likely to be writing on something than cleaning.

The fridge usually has an echo, because unless I'm out of pet food or coffee, going to the store is less interesting than whatever project caught my attention. Phone? I don't use it for that... I answer if my mom calls - which happens about once a year - and if I call someone, it's an emergency and I need a veterinarian.

My kitchen table is a spot for Koda (cat) to nap on a pile of mail I didn't get around to throwing out.

It's kind of like the time everyone were supposed to wear safety pins. I was good at that for one day. Then the safety pin went into the laundry with the shirt and I haven't seen it since, lol!

Who are these people who are organized enough to offer a permanent listening ear, an available refuge, and know where they have their safety pins? Not me, that's for sure. 😂

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