Monday, January 20, 2020

I have officially reached "Crazy Cat Lady" status

I never really liked the term "crazy cat lady" - I find it demeaning to both women and cats - and I definitely haven't considered myself a person in the category. Yes, my cats are a big part of my life. Yes, I work for an animal rescue organization. But, I only have two cats.

This weekend, I realized I'm wrong. I'm not just an official "Crazy Cat Lady" - I'm the "Crazy Cat Lady" of my village.

Evidence to support the statement:

I not only work at an animal rescue organization - I also volunteer for a small, local cat rescue. Actually, I'm on the board. Okay, I'm the primary signatory, but I did not found the organization.

Anyway, we had a board meeting this past weekend, at my place. In the midst of the meeting, one of the girls says, "There's a blue car outside. A man is coming this way. Is it your boyfriend?"

I'm like, "No. I'd remember if I had a boyfriend."

It turned out to be the local pizza delivery guy, and he came to see if I wanted another four cats. Or maybe five, the number wasn't completely clear.

That means, a random man I only know from his bringing pizza to my house a couple of times must have thought, "She's middle-aged and single, I bet she needs more cats."

The Crazy Cat Lady. It's me. Here's my blind cat helping me work through sleeping on my right arm. He's named Adam after Adam in the Embarkment 2577 series, they share the love for stealing croissants...

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