Saturday, February 22, 2020

Need help finding these books

There are three books I read as a child that I would love to read again - or at least have in the bookshelf - and I can't remember their names, or who wrote them. It's driving me crazy.

Do you recognize any of these descriptions?

1. There's a city, and the residents keep it moving at all times. There's a team of people who go ahead of it, scout the terrain, and build a rail-type system for it to move on, and another team who goes behind it to tear the rail up, so it can be used again. The sun looks strange to them, it isn't round, and the people who go ahead - or work behind it - also start to look strange after being out there for a while. Finally, they've crossed the entire continent and reach the ocean, and it turns out the city's generator creates a force field that distorts their perception of reality.

2. The people are settlers on an alien planet. There is a mountain that must not be climbed, and a silvery "guardian" that no one has seen for a long, long time. One day a boy climbs the mountain and meets the guardian, and it turns out to be a robot who cares for a woman living on the mountain. That's all I remember.

3. It was a series of books about a girl. I think she lives in an idyllic place when the story begins, but things happen and she ends up traveling the world. She crosses a desert and an ocean and at one time I think she has an instrument and plays at an inn for food. She picks up tiny creatures along the way, there's a crab or worm or something that lives in a fold of her dress, and a wisp. The cover of one of the books I had about her was blue, showing a blonde young woman in a boat.

Great descriptions, right? Rudimentary remnants of memories, lol. Do you recognize anything?

UPDATE: I found them, with help from people on Librarything.

1: Inverted World by Christopher Priest
2: The Guardian of Isis by Monica Hughes
3: The Darkangel Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce

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