Saturday, February 29, 2020

Quantum is here!

Quantum is a novella that slumbered in my computer for many years. I pondered whether to expand on it, but never got around to doing so, and I finally realized that it doesn't do any good sitting in my laptop. If people have the chance to read it, someone might find it entertaining. :-)


Leaving work early seems like an excellent idea, until a dimensional rift appears right in front of Alice's car and a semi-trailer truck pushes her into it. A moment later, she’s in an unfamiliar environment filled with hovering robots, people in uniforms, assigned friends, and no way to return to her own world.

The only possible upside is handsome ship’s captain: Lewis. He does his best to care for the lost young woman and helps her feel at home. Unfortunately, the universe can be fickle, and Alice is about to learn how it really works, on the quantum level.

It is available now, and you can read an excerpt on Amazon below!

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