Monday, March 30, 2020

Apparently, I have shit for brains. Or so I've been told, lol.

I know arguing with people online is pointless, but I still sometimes fall for the temptation to try to explain. The person on the other side may be unwilling to understand, but I hope someone else will be helped.  

Yesterday, I gave up on explaining after being informed that I have shit for brains. That may be so, but the only way we currently have to contain the spread of Covid-19 is for people to limit interactions and stop traveling.

Preventing Americans from gallivanting off to neighboring nations is not done because of some form of reverse racism or to make Trump look bad - it's to stop the spread of a potentially lethal pandemic.

Seriously, during my lifetime we have never had closed borders between Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The mere idea would have been preposterous. Today, it's a fact. It doesn't mean that Finns no longer like Swedes or that Swedes and Norwegians have developed a sudden quarrel - it means that people need to stay put.

Now when that's settled... ;-)

No matter what your favorite leader says, this situation will not be resolved in two weeks, or by the end of April. Even if the virus were to "suddenly go away" it's likely to come back, because history shows us that pandemics tend to come in waves. The Spanish Flu for instance affected people on and off for three years.

No matter where you are right now, or whether you're under a shelter-in-place order or just told to practice a physical distancing to other people, try to find a mindset where you can ride this out long-term.

Absolutely hope for a vaccine, but be aware that developing vaccines is a lengthy process. (Yes, we get flu vaccines quickly, but this isn't a flu.) I don't think we'll see a vaccine this year. Maybe in 2021.

Long before that, I think and hope we'll see antiviral remedies that can help the people who fall really ill. I also think and hope we will have a convenient way to test if people already had the infection.

I personally don't think this is a type of disease where we will develop a long-term immunity, but I'm a science fiction writer and not a virologist, so what I think may not be relevant. Even if I'm right, people might be immune for at least a couple of years.

That means, if we can test to see if people already had the virus, a bunch of us may be able to go back to work - keep society going and care for those still at risk.

It is definitely tempting to call for shelter-at-home orders and quarantines - there have been times during the past few weeks where I have longed for being ordered to stay at home, because it would make it easier for me to justify my decision to do so. Though, it isn't feasible to keep entire populations locked in their homes for six months or a year. A couple of weeks, sure, but you have to know that the virus will still be out there, so life won't return to normal just like that.

This sounds like doom and gloom in writing, but at this point in time, I think realistic expectations will help all of us cope with what's ahead. We're clever beings, we can adapt and get through this!

And, there's always this great video from Lady Flufferton!

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