Saturday, September 5, 2020

Dreams coming to fruition

Everyone has dreams, visions, and fantasies, but they differ wildly between us. The question is - which are worth turning into goals? What do you really want?

One of my dreams for many years has been a summer house. Not a big and flashy thing, but a small, red cottage in the woods. Close to a lake would be good, but still remote enough for the dogs to be able to run around, and far enough away to grant peace and quiet to read and write. With a decent road to it, so it's possible to drive there.

Sweden is a country where small red cottages are in abundance. They're everywhere. If you drive on a Swedish road, any Swedish road, you will see many. They even line the streets of many towns. 

This photo is typical us. I found it online and can't tell you which town it's from, because so many look just like this. (There's an explanation to why houses in this country tend to be red, but I'll tell you that story another day.)

Unfortunately, wanting one is genetically programmed in Swedes, and they're quite expensive. I've looked for one to buy ever since I moved back here, and they're more expensive than my house.

This year I've doubted my plan. At this point in time I may not be able to handle another house. But, if I found one to rent I wouldn't have to worry about roofs, chimneys, or other similar things an owner has to deal with.

I started browsing listings online, and at first it seemed hopeless. Most people rent their cottages out on a weekly basis, and I wanted a long-term lease. Something that would be like mine, even though it wasn't mine. 

Then, a cottage with annual rent showed up in the feed.

I went to see it yesterday, and it is perfect. It's a mile or so into the woods - but there's a drivable road to it. Bigger than I expected, but not too big. It's surrounded by beautiful nature where the dogs and I will be able to stroll around. Reasonable annual rent and really nice owners.

Even better: there is a lake nearby, and the owners have a small rowboat I'm welcome to use. The dogs will be able to go for a swim if they want to. And funny enough, great cell phone reception. 

I'll get access to it in October when the current tenant has moved out, so I will have some time to get everything in order before winter comes and my car won't be able to get there. (A previous tenant lived there year round and purchased a tractor to get to and from the cottage, but I will settle for the snow-free months for now, lol.)

I'm really excited about this. I can almost smell the forest. And, I can't wait to take my telescope out there!  I see more stars from my home in Sweden than I did in Bradenton. I bet there will be even more visible at the cottage where there aren't any city lights nearby. 

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