Monday, October 5, 2020

Before and afters

Swedish cottages and houses - and Sweden overall - look very different from large parts of the USA, so I wanted to share some photos from the vacation home I just started renting. It's off-grid, so electricity comes from a solar power with a battery bank. It works well, but is also a good lesson in preserving energy. Water comes from a well.

I found some mentions of the property on a historical site. It's mentioned in the 1830s, and at that time at least six people lived in the house. Probably more, because one is mentioned as "with family." The house is tiny! It was used as a year-round home until 1936.

The very first mention found is from 1696, but at that point it was probably another building.

I painted the kitchen. This is before...

...and after.

The dogs love the living room sofa. 

One of the previous tenant built this sauna. By hand. How awesome is that!

Fall sunset on the way down from the mountain. 

I dream of spring!

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