Sunday, February 28, 2021

Project cottage: Just keep digging...

I planned to have the steps to the cottage dug out by now, but yesterday muscles I didn't even know I had protested over my recent adventures, so I decided on a day of rest. Pretty sure the muscles yelled about "middle-aged chubby woman who spent all winter sitting down with a computer and a cat on her lap." 

I always feel in a hurry when I do things - I want to see results - but this will have to be a long-term project. At least that's what the smart brain cell keeps telling the others... 

Before - looks like a hill!

Not quite "after" - but getting there.

This is so exciting - I am eager to see the end result. With my pace and weather permitting, I hope to be done with the digging phase of the project (all around the cottage) mid March. But, this time a year that's truly depending on the weather. Paws crossed!

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