Wednesday, March 31, 2021

One step closer to Project Cottage II

Remember the 18th century cottage I've been babbling about? I met with the representative from the forest company that owns it today, and just like I suspected, they're moderately interested in owning it and caring for it. They work with the forests - as far as I know they do that very well - and this building just happened to be on a piece of land they bought.

They want to sell it and I want to buy it. So far so good!

Of course, it sits on their land, and purchasing it will involve a land survey by Lantmäteriet - the only organization allowed to do things like that in Sweden. They usually have a loooooooong line of cases to work through and they're really good at charging for their services, so that will be a hoop to jump through.

But, one step at a time. We discussed what portions should reasonably go with the cottage - I don't want the responsibility of owning forest, but I do want the well and parts of the old homestead - and he will do the math on it to set a price. With Easter we're heading for a long holiday here in Sweden, most organizations will close around noon tomorrow and not open again until Tuesday, and I will probably sit staring at my e-mail, pressing the "refresh" button until I hear back from him. That's normal, right? lol!

To be continued. :-) 

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