Monday, April 12, 2021

A positive side effect

I whined about someone shooting the cottage windows the other day - and when I say "I whined" I mean big time. In the village's Facebook group, to the police, and even to the press. It seems reasonable to go wide on this one - a person shooting random things like houses must be nipped in the bud before someone gets hurt or killed.

I didn't expect anything positive to come out of all this, but I have been surprised. So many people in the community have reached out, offering everything from kind words to help with finding materials for the repairs. Many are complete strangers, and the outpour of support truly warms my heart.

Talking to some new people helped me learn more about the place too. This one guy I've only waved to from the car before - they have a really beautiful Rottweiler - said he has lived here for 20 years and never knew the cottage had stairs until I started digging. 

One of my neighbors - I've never actually talked to her before, just waved when she rides her bike past my house - knew the last time someone lived in the cottage. Apparently, it was empty for a few years and an older man rented it the winter of 1986. She said he wanted to live in a place without electricity or other modern conveniences.

That made me go "wow" - I'm odd, but not odd enough to choose to live in an old cabin this far north in winter without power or water. It would be brutal! And a more personal "hmm" - I'm pretty sure the owners told me no one has used it since the 1970s. Did they forget about him, or did he just decide to use it for a few months? It doesn't matter at this point in time, just curious.

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