Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

There are some major differences between life in the USA and life in Sweden, and this is rarely as apparent as when talking about holidays.

In Sweden, Easter gets going on Thursday, but not in a way most Americans would guess. Traditionally, children dress up as Easter witches and go door to door to hand out hand-made Easter cards and ask for candy. Adult witches hop on their brooms and fly to BlÄkulla (it's a real place) for a great party. The cat and coffee pot are mandatory accessories.

In times past, the people who weren't into flying on brooms would make bonfires and as much noise as possible, to discourage the witches from landing along the way.

I don't have a broom, and my cat probably thinks this is a good thing. There's a good chance I'd fly like this.

Not much happens on Good Friday - almost everything will be closed - but on Saturday morning, it's time for Easter eggs. Though, our eggs are much cooler than American Easter egg hunts; ours are large and made from paper or plastic, and filled with candy. 

Sunday and Monday are holidays, and on Tuesday people get back to work, but it's a short week...

Anyway, whatever you celebrate this spring, I hope you have a wonderful time!

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