Thursday, April 1, 2021

I thought it was an April Fool's joke...

Thus far, Project Cottage II is not going well. I got the quote from the forest company today and thought it must be an April Fool's joke. It wasn't - he was serious.

We agreed yesterday that the house basically lacks value as it sits right now. So that leaves creating and purchasing a lot. I looked at land prices for single-family buildings to get a baseline, and in the county where the property is located, they're at 58 SKr per square meter (approximately $6.65).  The county just south of it is at 50 SKr per square mater (approximately $5.73). 

The quote from the forest company was for 78 SKr per square meter ($8.95) with me paying for the land survey and associated fees, which would add some 40,000 SKr ($4,580) to the final sum - and is included in the other prices. Also, the county's prices I'm comparing to is for land in villages with access to public utilities.

So, in my world a lot of 1900 square meters in the middle of nowhere with no chance of connecting it to public utilities and no ways to really use it shouldn't cost more than maybe 95,000 SKr total. Tops. My gut feeling says it should be even less. 

The quote ended up on 150,000 SKr + approximately 40,000, so 190,000 SKr. 

A difference of 95,000 SKR ($10890) is too much and even though I want to save the cottage, it doesn't feel right. Sadly, the difference is so big I doubt we'll be able to find a middle ground. It's a shame.

I'm waiting to see if he'll get back to me after Easter, but at this point, I'm not optimistic.

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