Monday, August 16, 2021

A new look for the 250th anniversary

I don't know exactly how old my 18th century cottage is - the local history association says we know it was there in 1772, so it was probably built earlier. But 1772 is as good a year to celebrate as any - because next year will be 250!

I've made some progress, and one room is getting good enough to brag about. (lol!)

Before, there were holes in the floor - I made some more through stepping through it - water damage on a wall, and some really stinky old insulation.

I have fixed with the walls and windows, put in a new wooden floor (that was difficult - if I ever do this again I'll buy an actual floor and not try to build one), and started work on the fireplace.

Someone with more skills than I would probably have put on new plaster and done a more proper job - and not painted flowers on it because it was fun - but it looks a lot better. And, this can be redone later. At some point in time I may bring someone in to look over all the fireplaces and see if we can get them going.

There's still work to be done in here - for instance the ceiling, doors, and all moldings need to be painted - but it's getting there. 

I had to put in some furniture and test-hang curtains to pat myself on the back. I'll have to move it again to finish the last details, but I need to see progress. Progress keeps me inspired.

And now, I just have to do the rest of it, haha!

The Universe - or is it Fate - is fickle.

If someone had told me yesterday that an asteroid would collide with Earth, that we'd have a flood of Biblical proportions, or that a so...